Taiwan, a woman planted 22 pounds of large potatoes need to use excavator excavation

Mother last year in the garden of 10 kinds of potatoes

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Foreign media: Thailand on the uncivilized China "local tyrants" tourists hate and love

Thailand has a huge surge in the number of Chinese tourists who love and love Chinese tourists

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Ministry of Environmental Protection: the next four days Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei will encounter heavy pollution process

The air quality in the north of Beijing and Tianjin is dominated by good and mild pollution

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Jiangsu initiates the reform of old - age insurance institutions

Aspect 2 payment policy personal payment wages 3 times cap 60% care reform will no longer implement the original organs and institutions staff retirees

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I 093G nuclear submarine threatened large warships can be installed on the land cruise missiles

The picture shows the 093G nuclear submarine installed with a vertical launch system

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Japan and the United States held a "Dawn Blitzkrieg" joint outlying island defense training (Figure)

US forces and the Japanese land, sea and air self-defense forces recently to the media to show the United States in California, California, to improve the ability to defend the joint training

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Japan and the United States held a joint landing training thousands of soldiers to participate

A total of about 4,000 people from the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the US military are engaged in large-scale joint landing training in California on the west coast of the United States

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Korean media: the United States and South Korea if the deployment of anti-terrorism to the Sino-Russian VS US-Japan new cold war

The United States did not have any formal or informal discussions on the deployment of Sade in Korea

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2016 Guangdong people are most concerned about food safety requirements 100% detection

The survey mainly includes 10 areas such as public transportation, public education, public health, public cultural and sports, living guarantee, housing security, employment security, medical security, public safety and environmental management

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Hebei Xingtai Mayor publicly apologized to start the recovery process

Xingtai also on the Qilihe flood into the village of 12 villages such as the relevant issues were answered

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Guangdong Zhanjiang former vice mayor Wu Jiezhong was placed on file for investigation

Guangzhou City People's Procuratorate has been in accordance with the law on Liu Zijing suspected of bribery crime for investigation

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Ningbo Mayor Lu Ziyue suspected of serious discipline was removed from office

Is now in accordance with the procedures for processing

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How do we protect our health?

Masks, air purifier hot

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3-year-old boy falls from the 6th floor by the ivy block only minor injuries

The child's falling window is a bedroom window

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The Indian government advised people not to have 13 people killed with the lion self

Said the recent three people were photographed when killed

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Anhui Provincial Government Secretary-General Yang Jingnong was investigated as Mayor Wuhu

Yang Jingnong from Wuhu and Bozhou two departure

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Beijing: find out the number of people fleeing to achieve the dynamic management of flight information

Listen to the municipal anti-corruption coordination group on the implementation of the central government to carry out the international pursuit of stolen goods request

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